The European Museum Forum (EMF) provides the legal and organizational framework for the annual European Museum of the Year Award scheme (EMYA). EMF/EMYA is dedicated to promoting excellence in innovation and public quality in museum practice, encouraging networking and exchange of ideas and sustainable best practices within the sector.

EMF/EMYA works within an overall framework of a commitment to citizenship, democracy and human rights, to bridging cultures and social and political borders, and to sustainability. The different awards within the EMYA scheme reflect, represent, and emphasize different aspects and dimensions of these values. The highly structured judging process ensures the ability to discern professional quality, innovation and creativity across the vast differences in scale, funding, obligations and contexts of museums in Europe.

National Institute for Museums and Public Collection established its cooperation with EMF in 2014. The Institute’s representative acts as the national correspondent for EMYA award scheme in Poland.
To learn more about European Museum Forum visit the EMF website at http://europeanforum.museum/

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