International cooperation strategy

An outline of the NIMOZ international cooperation strategy is presented here taking into account the fact that the Institute’s remit has been extended to include participation in European forums. As with its operations in Poland, NIMOZ’s international activities will focus on gaining and sharing knowledge about the latest standards in museum work, and on promoting the achievements and successes of the Polish museum sector, with a particular view to enabling individual museums to become directly involved in international projects. The guiding principle of the strategy is to conduct activities based on the exchange of information and experience regarding all aspects of the Institute’s statutory duties. By taking these steps we aim to keep track of the latest trends in museums worldwide and to publicise them in Poland, whilst at the same time galvanising the Polish museum sector and promoting its most significant achievements on the international stage, as well as initiating discussions on subjects of particular importance from Poland’s perspective.

These activities are designed to achieve the aim defined in the Strategy for Museum Development report, drafted under the guidance of NIMOZ: The aim of this Strategy is to instigate and provide professional support for the development of museums as institutions of cultural memory which shape Poland’s society, its moral condition, intellectual and artistic culture, collective identity, level of education and awareness of humanist cultural values.

Specific objectives:
1. Developing the capacity of Poland’s museum sector through exchange of know-how at an international level and through use of the latest organisational and legislative solutions regarding museums and their role in today’s world.
1.1. Exchange of know-how in the field of museums and protection of collections;
1.2. Dissemination of knowledge concerning good practices and solutions suitable for implementation in Poland;
1.3. International promotion of good practices concerning museums and protection of collections in Poland.

2. Contributing to the strong presence of Central European states in European and global discussions on the role of museums and trends in their development, through the active involvement of NIMOZ in research and expertise projects.
2.1. Keeping abreast of the latest trends concerning museums and public collections management – active participation in international debate on these subjects;
2.2. Building NIMOZ’s image on the international stage as a competent, reliable and credible institution – as it is regarded nationally – a partner in debate on the development of issues relating to museums and the protection of public collections.

3. Raising Poland’s profile as a prominent European state with a remarkable wealth and diversity of cultural heritage (in cooperation with other specialist institutions).
3.1. Facilitating international contacts for Polish museums;
3.2. Developing a system of monitoring and exchange of information regarding the search for antiquities stolen or illegally exported from Poland.

For the purposes of international cooperation, NIMOZ is known by the English-language version of its name: the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections.

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