Protection of antiquities

The safety and protection of movable and immovable antiquities against crime and fire is an important aspect of Institute’s work.

In view of the significantly greater scale of risk to which this group of objects is exposed (compared to those housed in museums), this work has been one of Institute’s key targets of activity for many years. The work of the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections with regard to this category of object is of a decidedly different nature to that relating to museum-held items, as the Institute is unable to take a prescriptive approach and has no authority to monitor the security status of these immovable antiquities. Therefore, preventative measures focus on individual consultations and on assessing the safety and protection status of particular objects (primarily in historical churches entered on the National Heritage Register). Pursuant to the decision of the Department for Monument Protection of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, applications for security improvement grants are subject to an opinion by NIMOZ. The Institute also organises training courses, seminars and conferences addressed to the owners and custodians of immovable antiquities. These individuals are also provided with specialist publications on issues relating to the adequate protection and safeguarding of antiquities.


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